Leonardo da Vinci

Where the spirit does not work with the hand there is no art.

--Leonardo da Vinci

Monday, August 29, 2011

Adventures of Flat Stanley

Recently i received Flat Stanley from my nephew, Joseph Cardon. Flat Stanley was here on his summer vacation and really wanted to see the Pacific NW during his stay. Since time was short he decided go with me to Eric Jacobsen's Sauvie Island plein air painting workshop. So i got him hooked up with fresh paints, new brushes and his very own palette, dressed him up with some new digs and we set out on our journey.
Flat Stanley was so excited to get to painting i could hardly contain him, but finally i got him seat belted into the front seat and off we went. We arrived at the Sauvie Island Pumpkin Patch and Flat Stanley was ready. I couldn't get the palette or brush out of his hands, he just wouldn't put them down. He listened intently to Eric's lecture where he learned the importance of preliminary studies and having a plan of attack. Five important bullet points that he really liked were:
-Take notes
-Do composition studies
-Do value study
Flat Stanley, you're such a ham....
Finally, Flat Stanley, couldn't contain himself anymore and charged up to the front of the class and asked to paint with Eric; and Eric being the kind soul that he is was happy to oblige.

Finally it was time for Flat Stanley put his new teachings to work and paint on his own.

Thanks, Joseph, for sending, Flat Stanley, i think he truly enjoyed his time in the Pacific NW and i hope you enjoy learning about the places he visited.

To learn about Flat Stanley visit http://www.flatstanley.com/

To see Eric Jacobsens art visit http://www.jacobsenstudio.com/

Monday, August 15, 2011

P-Patch Community Garden

Thomas Street Garden Pump
Our middle son, Kevin, lives in Seattle and this last weekend we helped him move to the Capitol Hill area. Saturday was pretty much a 12 hr grind, but Sunday Kevin took us on a tour of the area. Now, being the artist that i am, i found subjects and compositions all over the place, Seattle is just an amazing city, a bit edgy, but amazing. Both days i found inspiration everywhere that was begging to be painted.
During our sunday walk, we happened onto the Thomas Street Gardens, which is a lot, in the middle of a residential neighborhood that Thomas Street Gardens acquired in 1997 and is part of the P-Patch Community Gardening Program in Seattle. It is a lovely whimsical garden that clearly fits with a NW theme of recycling meets artistic.
Many of the P-Patch gardens promote a "giving garden" where the produce is donated to a local food bank. They also promote environmental awareness, strengthen neighborhoods, and increase self-reliance among many other things.
I was so inspired by this little pump nestled amongst the flowers and rocks that i knew it was going to make it into a painting. Little did i know it was to be the same day. I spent a few hours last night with some touch ups tonight and enjoyed painting this fun and cheery piece.
One of the things i enjoy doing while painting is dabbing on thick spots of color, especially for the flowers. I am not concerned too much with detail at this point, as i enjoy letting the paint do its thing as i apply it and pull the brush off the panel. The photo doesn't show it, but there are little curly ques and ridges that appear when applying paint in this manner and to me is the frosting on the cake. And, you just don't eat cake without frosting, right.....?

Monday, August 8, 2011

Is the Art in your Heart?

photo taken from my booth
The Art in the Heart Event took place this last weekend in Downtown Vancouver,WA and it was a great experience. So many incredible artists that double as great friends really enhanced the entire weekend for me. Getting to know Bud Fields, Marilyn Hocking, Oleg Ulitskiy, and catching up with Mike Rangner, Celeste Bergin and Gene Wigglesworth were highlights.
photo of me in my booth by David Burbach
I wanted to give my booth a real studio feel to it, and with the tremendous help from my wife, Vicki, i think we pulled it off.

part of Historical Series on walnut slab One way i decided to display my many unframed pieces was to build some tiny easels which worked great and added to the artistic feel i was going for.

Academy Steeple
9 x 12
Academy Steeple, is a special painting for me. Not only did it make its way onto the Art on the Boulevard mailer, but it was a pre-sale. So, although it never hung in my booth, it found a good home. Thanks Gemma! And thanks to the others who became inspired enough to be caretakers of the other 3 pieces.

photo taken by David Burbach Although the photos don't show it, the event was bustling with people, especially friday night. I would like to thank the many friends and family that came to Art in the Heart in a great show of support. A tremendous thank you goes to Kevin Weaver, the Director of Art on the Boulevard Gallery, for having me in the event.