Leonardo da Vinci

Where the spirit does not work with the hand there is no art.

--Leonardo da Vinci

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Vancouver Train Station Bench

9 x 12
A couple weeks ago i visited the Vancouver Train Station and during that time i discovered a wonderful old bench with an amazing patina. What also helped was the timing of the day's light as the sun streamed in through the windows, placing it's mobile stamp of intense spotlight on the interior of the station. I took some photos as i knew i might be inspired to paint, not so much the interior, but that incredible bench that has obviously been around a while and possesses great lines and stunning architecture in it's own right. Sure enough, last Sunday was the day to bring this settle to life in the Historical Series. Now some may argue that it does not deserve a place next to the likes of St. James Catholic Church, The Marshall House, or The Academy, but i believe it does. Just because it's not boisterous in appearance, and takes a back seat to even the arthitecture of the Train Station itself, i felt it a lovely enough piece that it deserves an advocate.
As i think about the old bench, i am curious as to the thousands of people who shared a moment or many moments with the unassuming support or those who just flew by in a flurry of worry of missing their train and did not even give the welcoming friend a glance, much less a tip of the hat.
What stories the solid feature could tell, if only given the chance and that some one would take the time to listen.So many watchful, hopeful, and empty days and nights has it sat there just waiting and wanted to do what it does best - give you a rest.
The next time you go to Vancouver's Historical Train Station, don't forget to show respect and off a little time and thanks for all the self-less devotion any one bench can possess. I am thankful for the inspiration it touched in me.

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