Leonardo da Vinci

Where the spirit does not work with the hand there is no art.

--Leonardo da Vinci

Friday, November 4, 2011

Fall Plein Air Trio

Painting Blind
Last Sunday i woke early, without the help of my alarm, to go create some moody work and at the last minute i decided on LaCamas Lake. I wanted to make sure i got there with time enough to pick out a subject and start in before the light came. Well, i got there early enough.... the only thing moving around besides this lughead were two ducks at the boat launch. I wandered around the dark for a bit and found a spot i could see the lake through the trees. Noctural painting here we come..... One thing, because it was still dark, i couldn't see the colors i was mixing. Fortunately all was dark, except for the water and sky. Turns out, i mixed a lovely dark green and dark brown.
LaCamas Gray
Next up, mostly trees with a bit of lake, and by now the rain was a comin' down. Not much in the way of vibrant color, but this is what i was after; the dull truth of our Pacific Northwest weather. I was chilly and getting quite wet by this time, which makes the challenge of focusing all the more difficult, but its also driving me. One passer by stated, "I hope it waterproof paint."
I responded, "Absolutely, it oils"
LaCamas Blue and Gold
I soon found myself at the boat launch trying to land on my third composition of the day. Looking East was a more interesting view, but incredible warm yellow in the turning trees to the West would prevail. At this point the rain was intermittent and i knew i was on the home stretch of my painting excursion. Soon it was done and i was home by noon. Just in time for a hot bath, lunch and a welcome nap.


  1. Beautiful paintings. I especially love the vibrant yellow in the last one.

  2. I agree, the yellow in LaCamas Blue & Gold is vibrant and lively. I also like LaCamas Gray: colorful but quiet. Beautiful.

  3. you deserved that bath and nap...you did a good job!