Leonardo da Vinci

Where the spirit does not work with the hand there is no art.

--Leonardo da Vinci

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Still Life

Young at Heart
This past weekend was filled with the painting of Still Lifes and the main focus was an Eric Jacobsen workshop at Art on the Boulevard.
If you've never taken a workshop from Eric, i would highly recommend taking one. He is a great instructor with a wealth of knowledge and one of the most inspiring people i have ever met. If you already have, then you know what i mean.
Saturday, after MEKing around, we went trinket hunting at local thrift shops and i found some new subjects to add to the collection as well as a Frank Sinatra album that i just had to get.
By Sunday afternoon, my new vinyl, interestingly shaped friends, and flowers were begging to take center stage and perform. So, after my display was set, the turntable began to spin and i started to paint in a most passionate way. I usually paint in silence, as i am a deep thinker, but the electrifying sound of Sinatra energized me and i just didn't want it to stop.
I painted all afternoon, until it was dark, having to get up and flip the record every so often, but i didn't mind. Having Ol' Blue Eyes, fill our home with his captivating sound was worth every moment of what would be considered, to this day and age, a hassle.
After letting this painting sit for a few days to tack-up, i revisited it and made some modifications. I may make a few more adjustments, before i consider it done, but never-the-less, i hope you find this painting, Young at Heart.


  1. Well, as you know, I am a huge Eric Jacobsen fan too. I agree with all that you wrote about him. I was sorry to miss that last workshop and I hope he does another at Art on the Boulevard! I enjoyed reading about how you spent time with Sinatra. One of his nicknames was "The Chairman of the Board". I love this still life...such an interesting set up, and the flowers in the background evoke a sense of confetti. (It's a celebration!)

    1. Thanks Celeste for your kind words. I guess those flowers are my version of "sparkles".

  2. Hi Michael, I've been working on still life this week too in the case of interiors this week. Hope to see you at Studio 30 again sometime. You certainly know how to achieve 'sparkle' in your work!

  3. Wonderful painting Michael! It has a feel of Van Gogh in it. A vibrancy that does speak of young at heart. Keep letting it flow.

  4. This is a Young At Heart painting Michael. Very nice. Painting to music does lift your heart and put color on your palette. You should do it more often. This is lovely. So you too are a fortunate Portland artist surrounded by interesting workshops. How envious I am.

  5. Hey Lindy- Great paint quality- love the Daffodils!

  6. I love the colors and sense of light. Beautiful painting. :-)

  7. Yum, buttery daffodils and fluffy light! How fun, painting to music. :)