Leonardo da Vinci

Where the spirit does not work with the hand there is no art.

--Leonardo da Vinci

Friday, April 27, 2012

Spring Time Still Life

Spring Time
This last weekend was mostly about still life painting, and i had these three Daffodils left over that i begrudgedly did not paint during Eric Jacobsen's workshop. I was determined to not let my efforts of finding them on the side of the road go to waste though, and so i stayed up way too late Monday night in an effort to give them their due.
After painting it, i let it rest for a couple days to let things get good and tacky, as i was planning on a second coat, but all i did was add some lighter shadow values to the daffodils and that was it. There are a couple things i was wanting to change, but the most important thing i found to this piece is its spontaneity. Much of the time, i enjoy going in two, three, and four times adding texture, building up a painting surface that would rival the consistency of a chewy granola bar, but not this one.
Although, there is a good amount of paint, it doesn't get bogged down and retains a freshness that i really like.
I've talked about it and many others have too; knowing when to stop can be a real challenge. And i am not willing to sacrifice the feeling or mood of a painting for sake foodling, at least not for today.
Today is about Spring, flowers in bloom, and of course the timing of things....


  1. This one has moved solidly into my "favorite-of-yours-still-life"! Everything about it is great, but the clock is especially awesome. I agree, you stopped at just the "right time". It must also be said, you also did an exceptional job of setting up these objects. That, in and of itself, is a rare talent. Perfect painting....I LOVE this!

  2. Beautiful Michael
    Love the way you filled the frame. Glad you weren't afraid to crop the flowers. You filled the corners well and led our eyes around the image. And, of course, the Lindy sparkles.

  3. This is very nice Michael. The clock is a great connector and the daffodils still have some bounce in their step as they polka dot across the canvas. Celeste is right. This is a favorite.

  4. Wonderful painting! I also delighted in the free flowing quirky edge of material on the table.

  5. Wonderful! Great delicate flowers, and I especially love the vase/jug on the lower right. The whole painting is lovely. :)

  6. Ciao, molto bello questo insieme di oggetti e fiori...trasmette l'allegria della primavera e a me sembra quasi una danza di gruppo!
    Ciao, ciao, Floriana

  7. I came back to tell you again that this is a really nice watercolor Michael. It stops my eye every time I scroll through my blog list.