Leonardo da Vinci

Where the spirit does not work with the hand there is no art.

--Leonardo da Vinci

Friday, May 4, 2012

Art - Vancouver,WA

Art - Vancouver
Oil on panel
In an effort to celebrate the return of Spring and the start of the outdoor art event season, i decided to post a painting that i worked on last month. And since our weather, here in the Pacific Northwest, is just about to turn a swift 180 degrees, where the sun comes out to play a little more regularly, i thought this one might be appropriate. 
The scene here, i painted from a photo reference that i took last August while participating in Vancouver's annual, Art in the Heart, art festival.
I really enjoy capturing urban street scenes; scenes that have an intimate feeling to them; scenes with interesting lines, shapes, and colors. And ultimately trying to give the viewer an experience through my eyes that i find intriguing enough to paint.
A big thanks to, Cirith, for being my unsuspecting victim in the red dress. Word to the wise; Beware, for you never know when you will wind up as Art in Vancouver.


  1. This is fantastic Michael. I love it. I love street scenes too, but don't seem to love them as much as you for I never get around to painting them. And that's a good thing. You really do it well. Good morning Micha--what are you doing up so early? Have a worm you're after?

  2. Hey! I know that building and gallery! :-) Great painting Mike, I love how you captured the feel of that day!

  3. Great street scene Lindy.... I love the woman in the red dress and the sunshine is convincing!