Leonardo da Vinci

Where the spirit does not work with the hand there is no art.

--Leonardo da Vinci

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Shifting to 2nd gear

O.O. Howard House
6 x 8
I am getting into a groove now with the Historical Series of paintings. Early this afternoon i took a stroll around the Vancouver Barracks/Officers Row area searching for my next victim and decided on the O.O. Howard House. This historic home was built for the Civil War general O.O. Howard in 1879. While this is not the most popular of homes on Officers Row - probably for being just off the main drag, i felt it was definitely worthy of my attention and best effort.
General Oliver Otis Howard (1830-1909) was a Medal of Honor recipient who lost an arm during the Civil War, and was the founder of Howard University in Washington, DC. - and its president from 1867-1873.
As i ponder about this historical figure, i can only imagine the stories and lessons he might have had to offer, and i am humbled by the thought i could give light to such tremendous history.
When i started with the idea of painting Vancouver's historical buildings, my driving force was to bring awareness to our community's past; but i am finding that the list of prominent figures reaches well beyond household names like Marshall and Grant.

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